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Learn The Strategy That Passed A
$6.6 Billion Bond Measure

Your Ultimate Social Media Solution

Videos, Graphics, Blogs, SEO, Hashtag, and Newsletter Included

100 Posts for Unmatched Sales Impact

Your Ultimate Social Media Solution​

Increase your sales without the overwhelm – even if your current strategy isn’t delivering. Our clients average a 40% increase in sales with the 100 Post System.

As Seen On

Boost Leads

And Build Community

We’ve crafted our 100-post system to elevate your brand’s visibility and inspire your followers to become loyal clients.

1 MIllion Views in 5 days!!

How It Works

  • 📋 Provide Your Content: Send us an hour of unedited video and information on your brand
  • 🎬 Creation Phase: Our talented team crafts engaging short-form videos, graphics, and blog articles from your video, tailored to your branding
  • 🚀 Launch and Engage: Watch your online presence soar as you share these captivating posts across your platforms.
Our Clients Average 100k – 200k views a month

Grow All Your Social Media At Once

Effortlessly expand your social media presence with our all-in-one growth solution. No more managing multiple contractors to get your social media done.

Reach 90,000 More People

Building a thriving community through high-visibility content and consistent outreach allows you to reach and engage with over 100,000 people every month, fostering meaningful connections and a sense of belonging among your followers.

Focus On Sales, Not Likes.

As we work collaboratively to craft your content plan, we maintain a relentless focus on your sales objectives.

This allows us to get substantially higher results than our competition.

35% Increase Subscriptions In 6 Months with 8.8 Million Targeted Impressions
Livermore Valley Opera
30% Increase in New Patients in Three Months
SOL Physical Therapy
Increase Views From 150 A Week To 23,000 A Week in Three Months
East Bay Regional Park DIstrict
50% Increase In Admissions Applications in Six Months
Moreau Catholic High School
$6.6 Billion Bond Measure Passed With 86% Approval
Measure FF
Grew Facebook Group From 0-120,000 In One Week
East Bay Regional Park DIstrict

Join 100s of Happy Customers

“If you get the chance to work with Jasmine, run don’t walk. She’s an absolute gem..”

Tisha W. 
Chef and Author

“The video package exceeded my expectations. It’s like having a personal videographer. It’s saved me literally hundreds of hours editing my videos!”

Sarah L., Lifestyle Blogger

“I’m not tech-savvy, but this package made it easy to have a professional looking channel. Initially my goal was to grow LinkedIn, but I’m also up to almost 10k followers on Tik Tok because I took Jasmine’s suggestion and repurposed the videos.”

Chris R., Corporate Leadership Trainer

“Jasmine’s process is so authentic, and she’s really grounded in service. A rare find!”

Honey M.
Leadership Training Accademy Owner

“I was skeptical at first, but the results speak for themselves. The videos, coupled with the SEO captions, have given my business a whole new edge. And the best part is I’m only spending an hour a month on my social media, but we’re posting daily.”

Mark S., Real Estate Agent

“As a startup, having a budget-friendly option was crucial. This video package not only fits our budget but has also helped us establish a strong online presence from scratch.”

Alex M., Startup Founder

Pick Your Package

Monthly views are often higher than we have listed here, however we consistently hit these averages for our clients across industries
When You Book November Packages, Your Onboarding Call is the First Week of December

Graphics To Match Your Brand

Build a recognizable brand across social media

Stunning Results On Every Platform


We create content in the format best tailored to your business goals.

A standard package may have 50 short-form videos, 30 graphics, and audio clips of their podcast.

While other clients need 80 short-form videos and 30 graphic posts.

A few ways!

1. Effective Content Design: Each of the 100 posts is made to connect with your audience and encourage them to buy.

2. Steady Audience Engagement: Regular posting keeps your audience interested and ready to buy when the opportunity arises.

3. Save Time, Boost Sales: With the 100-post system, you invest less time and get more sales, allowing you to concentrate on your business.

The turnaround time may vary based on the complexity of editing required and our current workload. Generally, we strive to deliver all edited content within 7  business days from receiving your raw footage.

We are currently averaging 4 business days.

Yes! These packages do include scheduling.

If you are not satisfied with your posts we will give you a full refund.

We work hard to create quality content and our clients see amazing growth on their social media.

We stand behind the quality of our work.

(Our refund timeframe is 30 Days)

You will have a dedicated video editor. This will help you create a strong and consistent brand through your content.

We match the style of your content to your brand and targeted towards your industry – in short, the possibilities are endless.

Our goal is to create a style that fits YOU.

Yes, we offer a revision process to ensure your satisfaction. You can provide feedback and request changes to make sure the final videos meet your expectations.

Absolutely. We can add captions, subtitles, and other text elements to your videos to enhance engagement and accessibility.

We can also incorporate background music, voiceovers, and enhance audio quality to make your videos more captivating.

Your strategy call is with our CEO and Founder, Jasmine Partida. She has 20 years digital marketing strategy experience and meets personally with every client.

This is the main reason we limit how many packages we sell, to keep the highest delivery of strategy and ensure your success with our services.

We limit how many new clients we bring on for two reasons.

  1. Each client has a strategy call with our Founder and CEO, Jasmine Partida. We want to make sure you have the perfect strategy to skyrocket your sales.
  2. Quality control. If we took on thousands of clients, we would not be able to deliver the amazing results that we do.

Pick Your Package

Monthly views are often higher, however we consistently hit these averages for our clients across industries
When You Book November Packages, Your Onboarding Call is the First Week of December
10 Spots For December
3 Spots For December
2 Spots For December
Our 30 day promise to you

We’re aware there are many spammy social media companies that are not able to deliver results. In contrast, we’ve dedicated years to fine-tuning our social media strategy for you.

If you are not satisfied with your results, we will issue a full refund, and you can keep the content we’ve created for you.

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